Face recognition, Icon Fonts And Happiness

  • Face recognition, security and privacy issues (Capitol Riot).
  • Ho to use icons (“icon fonts”) in WordPress.
  • You can be motivated to do something intrinsically (it gives you satisfaction and enjoyment) or extrinsically (you are given a reward, such as money or recognition). Most people know that intrinsic rewards are the sweeter of the two. But there’s a twist: Psychologists have found that extrinsic rewards can actually extinguish intrinsic rewards, leading us to enjoy our activities less. To increase our happiness, we need better questions: 1. WHO HAS INTRINSIC CHARACTERISTICS THAT I ADMIRE AND WANT TO EMULATE? 2. WHAT DO PEOPLE MOST NEED FROM ME, AND HOW CAN I PROVIDE IT? 3. WHAT IS MY LIFE’S PURPOSE? Instead of checking items off a list, the Buddha suggests shining a light on yourself and others. (from: Stop Keeping Score – Arthur C. Brooks in The Atlantic)

Note-Taking, Nature, Tools, PKM, Backups, Writing, Drums And Income Reports

  • Note taking: Andy Matuschak, his site.
  • What is the Indie Web? I found this info here: Ton Zijlstra. I found that blog because I googled “James Lovelock Novacene blinkist summary”, and one of the results was this blog post. The reason I googled that phrase is becasue today’s free Blinkist summary (in German) was “Novozän” by James Lovelock, and I wanted to see if there was also a Blinkist summary of that book in English.
  • A question I had today was inspired by an article I read in my local news site about wolves and some readers were suggesting we should get rid of them (as dangerous) while others were saying they are necessary to keep the ecosystem in balance. So I googled it and and a post I found (VitAntica.net) mentioned James Lovelock and his Gaia hypothesis. Coincidentally today’s Blinkist summary (in German) was of a Lovelock’s book.
  • A tool for collecting and organizing research: Zotero.
  • A knowledge base tool: Obsidian.
  • How to export your Google Photos library.
  • The tool I use to backup my files locally: Pioneer 3D NAND External SSD (480 GB).
  • Tool for geo-localizing Amazon affiliate links: Genius.
  • Live daily writing session by Ali Abdaal. Good for accountability and a way to create content by simply documenting your daily activities.
  • Today’s Blinkist summary (in English) was “The Practice” by Seth Godin.
  • A Goblet drum. Introduction to Hand Drums. Inspired by watching drummer’s Bilal Göregen‘s viral video. Buy yourself one.
  • Read blogger’s income reports for inspiration and motivation. For more inspiration check out these interviews.

Procrastination, Transcriptions, Inflation And Mood

Procrastination. KEY TAKEAWAYS:

  1. It has more to do with mood management than time management.
  2. Less confidence equals more avoidance.
  3. “Just start…Once you start, the progress fuels your positive feelings about doing the task and those positive feelings lead to more progress.”
  4. According to Sirois, humans are hard-wired pleasure seekers, which means that if the thing you’re putting off is even a little unpleasant or requires effort, it’s easy to put it off.
  5. Many of the reasons for putting things off have a common thread: They’re tied to negative emotions.
  6. When you overthink a task, you can build it up into something that’s much more than what it actually is. 
  7. Procrastinators tend to be low in self-compassion. They’re unkind to themselves. Your inner critic pipes up and gets increasingly mean: “Why didn’t you do this already?” quickly becomes “Why are you such a complete fuck-up?” “All that self-criticism does, then, is generate more negative feelings about the task, which just makes you want to avoid it all the more.”

TL;DR Don’t overthink, just do it.

  • Otter app. Record a conversation and transcribe it in real time.
  • Inflation.
  • Seth’s Blog : Is mood a gift or a skill? We can do things to improve our mood. Morning pages, meditation, exercise, positive thinking, the right audio inputs, who we hang out with, the media we consume–it’s all a choice. And if it’s a choice, that means it’s a skill, because we can get better at it.

MBA’s, Learning And Curiosity

Seth’s Blog

  • top MBA programs are very expensive
  • being accepted and completing the program is all that matters to the students and to future employers, it’s a signaling mechanism
  • many attend just for the certificate, not the learning
  • it’s predicted more people will apply this year due to uncertainties
  • most of the value lies in being together with other students for 2 years
  • the online version of these programs lacks this vital component
  • you could replace an MBA by reading 20 books
  • real education should help you to level up, stimulate your intellectual curiosity and train you to see possibilities, so that you can make an impact with your work